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Marble Stone Honing and Polishing in Houston

Marble stone has been a popular choice for countertops and floors for centuries, thanks to its timeless beauty, durability, and elegance. Whether in a residential or commercial space, marble stone adds a touch of luxury and refinement. In Houston, Texas, residents and businesses have been turning to Modern Stone Care for their marble stone honing and polishing needs. With their experienced natural stone technicians and high-quality marble stone finishing services, Modern Stone Care helps transform marble surfaces to fit individual tastes and preferences. What is Marble Stone? Marble stone is a metamorphic rock that is formed from limestone under heat and pressure. It is composed mainly of calcium carbonate and exhibits a distinct crystalline structure, giving it its unique beauty. Marble is known for its variety of colors and patterns, ranging from pure white to deep blacks, with veining and swirls that are unique to each piece. Marble Stone for Countertops and Floors The versatility of marble stone makes it an excellent choice for both countertops and floors in residential and commercial spaces. In kitchens and bathrooms, marble countertops create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. The smooth and reflective surface of marble adds an elegant touch to any space, enhancing …

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Marble Floor

What Are the Maintenance Differences Between Honed and Polished Marble Surfaces?

Marble surfaces have long been admired for their timeless beauty and elegant appearance. Whether in a grand foyer, a luxurious bathroom, or a gourmet kitchen, marble adds a touch of opulence to any space. However, when it comes to maintaining the pristine look of marble, there are two primary finishing options to consider: honed and polished. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences in appearance, the processes of honing and polishing, and the maintenance required to keep both finishes looking their best.   The Look: Honed vs. Polished Before diving into maintenance, let’s first understand the visual distinctions between honed and polished marble surfaces.   Honed Marble: Honed marble has a matte or satin finish that offers a softer and more understated appearance compared to polished marble. When you run your hand over honed marble, it feels smooth but lacks the high-gloss sheen associated with polished marble. This finish enhances the natural color and veining of the stone while reducing the glare and reflections often seen on polished surfaces. Honed marble exudes a subtle elegance and a tactile appeal that many homeowners find appealing.   Polished Marble: Polished marble, on the other hand, boasts a glossy, mirror-like finish that is …

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Get Your Marble Floors Polished Before the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests. One often overlooked but essential aspect of preparing your home for the holidays is ensuring that your marble floors are in top-notch condition. Marble floors are not only luxurious but also a significant investment in your home’s aesthetic appeal. To make sure your marble floors shine like never before, it’s time to consider routine maintenance and professional polishing.   Preserve the Elegance of Your Marble Marble is renowned for its timeless beauty and elegance. However, even the most exquisite natural stone can lose its luster over time due to wear and tear. Regular foot traffic, spills, and exposure to various elements can take a toll on your marble floors, causing them to become dull and unattractive. This is where routine maintenance comes into play.   Routine maintenance involves a series of steps, including cleaning, sealing, and polishing, which can help preserve the beauty of your marble floors. Cleaning removes dirt and grime, sealing protects the surface from stains, and polishing restores the shine. By investing in this maintenance, you can ensure that your …

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Marble Floor

Should I Hone My Marble Surfaces?

Are you interested in changing up the appearance of your marble surfaces? Whether it is your bathroom floors, kitchen countertops, or bathroom countertops, a honed surface can change the appearance of your marble, leaving you with a high-end matte finish that is sure to catch the eye and bring a unique touch to your space. Read below to learn more about honed VS polished marble floors and countertops. What is the Difference Between Honed and Polished Marble?  Honed marble is marble that has not gone through the polishing process. This results in the stone having a matte appearance, rather than the distinctive shine of polished marble. Many homeowners choose honed marble because of its natural look. A honed marble countertop or other surface will not be as reflective as one that is polished. On the other hand, polished marble refers to marble that has undergone the polishing process. Polishing makes the stone appear shiny and reflective. Polished marble will emphasize the coloring and veins present in the natural stone. How Do You Know if Honed or Polished is Better for Your Home?  The true answer to this question is that it will ultimately be a matter of your opinion. That …

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Are Marble Floors High Maintenance?

While marble flooring has the ability to last for more than a century, many people wonder, are marble floors high maintenance? The truth is, marble flooring will require continued maintenance and dedication in order to keep looking great for this long. They are more high maintenance than other stone flooring options and may not be the best option for all households. Another thing to consider before having marble floors installed in your home is that they can become very slippery when polished or wet. This is something to consider if you live in a home with children, elderly, or are located in a particularly wet climate. How do you maintain marble floors? A regular cleaning and maintenance routine will keep your marble floors looking like new. Use a clean, soft cloth or natural dust mop to remove grit and dirt on a weekly basis. If using a vacuum cleaner, use the softest brush attachment. Minimize dirt and debris accumulation by putting area rugs or runners at entry doors and in high-traffic zones. Wipe up any spills promptly, blotting with a clean, soft cloth (do not rub.) Polish and seal marble floors once or twice a year. And, when the marble …

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How Can I Make My Marble Counters Last?

Have you ever wondered “How can I make my marble counters last?” Well, the answer is simple. Staying on top of your routine maintenance such as cleaning, polishing, and sealing will help you to preserve your stone and keep it looking great for decades to come. Marble Stone Cleaning In Houston  Our team of trained and experienced Houston natural stone professionals specialize in cleaning and servicing Marble surfaces. If you have marble stone surfaces in your home or business space it is important that you are aware of the demands and vulnerabilities of this material in order to avoid damaging them, and to keep them in lasting condition so they look great for as long as possible. Competing stone cleaning and maintenance companies may claim they are able to provide these services to your natural stone surfaces but this is not always the case. In fact, these services can actually leave your marble damaged when mishandled. Always work with the best when it comes to your natural stone floors and surfaces. Marble Stone Polishing In Houston When it comes to keeping your natural stone surfaces beautiful and reflective, with a gorgeous gorgeous polished surface, such as the one in the …

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3 Different Finishes for Your Marble Surfaces

Marble is a versatile stone that can look very different depending on the finish you choose for your marble surfaces. You have three options: honed, satin, and polished. Listed below is some insight into the differences between each one of these finishes. Honed marble leaves you with a matte and modern look. It can look smokey and add a new look to any space quickly. If you are interested in having your marble surfaces honed, reach out to the team at Modern Stone Care today. Polished marble is a high gloss finish that can be reflective and shiny. This is the most popular finish for marble floors, counters, and surfaces. Satin marble is a finish that falls between the two listed above. If you are looking for a less reflective polish, satin is your best option. The best thing about marble surfaces is they are easy to change. If you decide you are tired of having a highly reflective surface, you can easily change the entire look of your space by honing your marble surfaces. Contact us today to find out more about the options for your marble floors, counters, and surfaces in Houston. Safe Marble Stone Floor Surface Modern …

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Can I Change The Appearance of My Marble Counters?

One of the best features of marble surfaces is that you are able to alter their appearance just by changing the finish of your stone. Marble polish will leave your stone surfaces looking shiny, giving the classic glossy appearance so many people are interested in, especially for kitchen countertops. If you get tired of this highly sought after finish, it is possible to transform your marble surfaces giving them a modern matte look. White marble and granite countertops will both require professional attention in order to maintain their beauty and stay safe from outside influences. Honed VS Polished Marble Honed Marble Honed marble refers to a marble slab that’s been ground down to a smooth, flat surface. Instead of polishing, the stone is left with a matte finish and a velvety feel. Honed marble is more durable. It’s more resistant to scratches, and, when it does get scratched, it’s less noticeable because light doesn’t reflect off the matte finish the way it does the glossy finish of polished marble. Because it’s not polished, it’s more susceptible to stains than its shiny counterpart. This is easily remedied by immediately cleaning up any spills. Honed marble is great for marble flooring! Due …

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How Do You Polish Marble Floor Tiles

How long does marble last? Natural stone and marble, when cared for has the potential to last for decades. shares some insight into the life expectancy of marble below: The amazing longevity of granite and marble countertops, which can be twice as long as other countertop materials – over 100 years – as reported by the National Association of Home Builders, is what makes granite countertops and marble countertops among the most sought-after kitchen elements. The popularity of granite and marble kitchen countertops is why you need the most popular stones and the most sought-after stone colors in your inventory. The lifespan of a granite countertop is highly influenced by its care and maintenance. As natural stones both granite countertops and marble countertops are porous (marble more so than granite), which means they will absorb any liquids spilled on it. Additionally, food particles and other debris can accumulate over time.   Before You Begin Polishing Before tackling the cleaning and shining of your marble counters, it helps to understand the two different marble finishes before you fruitlessly try to restore a shine to one that’s not designed to be glossy. Honed marble has been sanded to create a velvety …

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Marble Home Floor Restoration in Houston

Marble Floor Maintenance Needs Marble flooring requires daily cleaning, prompt attention to spills, and regular sealing. While marble is a durable flooring, it requires a little extra care to help it retain its beauty. Sweep marble floors daily to remove tracked-in sand or grit. Walking over sand particles can lead to scratches on a marble floor. Wipe up spills promptly. Acidic liquids, such as orange juice or vinegar, can stain marble. Water won’t stain marble, but over time can dull its surface. Use a mild, non-acidic floor cleaner for regular mopping. The product should specify its suitability for marble floors on the label. Alternately, make your own gentle floor cleaning solution by combining ½ cup of ammonia and 1 tablespoon of dish soap in a gallon of water.   The best way to ensure your marble flooring is well maintained and lasts for as long as possible is by scheduling regular professional cleaning services. If you fail to do this, there is a good chance your marble flooring will take damage. This can result in you need to have your marble flooring restored to bring back its original beauty. Be proactive and schedule regular maintenance with the team at Modern …

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