Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Houston


Natural Stone has been used for centuries, and is found in some of the most stunning architectural pieces in the world. The Great Pyramid is composed mostly of Limestone, as well as many ancient churches and castles from Middle Age Europe. Marble is famously found in Greek and Roman sculptures and Aberdeen, Scotland is known as the “Granite City” due to the large percentage of buildings constructed from local granite.

Today, these stones and many others are found in homes all across the country, and are used in flooring, countertops, showers, vanities, patios, pool decks and more. Stones used in these capacities require some maintenance in order to keep them looking as they did when you first saw them in the showroom at your local flooring store. Unfortunately, some of the tips you received from your salesperson were wrong. It is likely that after sometimes years of improper care, your stone is in need of our service.

At Modern Stone Care, we are experts in the care of natural stone. We are certified by the Stone & Tile Technical Institute and are educated on the origins, maintenance, and restoration of these beautiful, important pieces of your home. We offer natural stone care services of different levels, catered to your needs.

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

There are a couple of principles that are true about cleaning natural stone floors or anything else for that matter. First, you must use the proper cleaning agent for the proper stone. Secondly, you must rinse, rinse, rinse. Most people don’t take the time to rinse all of the everyday cleaners away, leaving a buildup of soap and dirt on top of the floor. Over time this can turn your once colorful or shiny stone floor into a dark, grimy eyesore.

Modern Stone Care uses a self-contained pressure/vacuum system with approximately 1000 psi to deep clean your marble, travertine, limestone, slate or granite floors. This process provides copious amounts of water, enabling us to rinse away sometimes years of soap and grim build up. We recommend having your natural stone floors cleaned annually. Call today for a free consultation on your stone product.

Natural Stone Floor Polishing

Has your marble or travertine floor lost the beautiful luster it had when it was new? Over time, these stones become worn from high traffic, and that once beautiful shine becomes dull and patchy. We can help! We specialize in marble polishing, travertine polishing and limestone polishing. In fact, we perform this service more than any other service we provide. We can get your marble vanities, travertine floors or granite countertops looking new again. We polish terrazzo also. Call today for a free consultation!

Natural Stone Floor Restoration

Sometimes when dealing with marble, travertine and limestone, we are forced to perform a full restoration. This occurs when over the course of time, these surfaces become scratched to the point that they will not return to their original shine without grinding. Grinding marble, travertine and limestone is not difficult but it is time consuming. When we grind a surface, we are removing imperfections on the surface of the stone, in an effort to make the stone as flat as possible. This way it reflects light without any surface distortion. Call for a free consultation.

Natural Stone Scratch/Etching Removal

Marble, Travertine and Limestone are soft stones and are acid sensitive. This means they can be scratched or etched easily. Maybe you moved your couch and scratched your shiny marble floor. Or you’re very resourceful 4 year old defeated the child safety latch on your cleaning supply cabinet and spilled an acidic cleaner on your travertine floor.

Or maybe your husband used a product to get rid of lime, around your faucet on your marble vanity causing severe etching. All of these are real life examples of projects which we have successfully tackled and restored. When this happens, Modern Stone Care can help. We can spot grind these areas and make them look brand new. Call for a free consultation!

Natural Stone Sealing

All unpolished natural stone needs to be sealed. This is especially true of honed or unpolished marble, travertine, or limestone. The reason is that an unpolished marble, travertine, or limestone is far more porous than its polished counterpart, meaning it will absorb spilled items far more quickly leading to dark spots in your expensive stone.

The objective of sealing these stones is so that if something were to spill on them, the sealer gives you a barrier and buys you time before the spilled item actually stains the very expensive stone. Additionally, any stone inside a shower or on a countertop should be sealed. This includes slate and even granite. Granite countertops should be sealed every 5-7 years, depending on care and quality of the sealer used. If you haven’t had your granite countertops sealed in that time frame, call for a consultation.