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How Can I Keep My Natural Stone Safe?

Natural stone surfaces are a timeless and elegant addition to any home or commercial space. Their unique beauty, durability, and versatility make them a popular choice among architects, designers, and homeowners alike. If you’ve invested in the stunning allure of natural stone, it’s essential to know how to properly care for and maintain it to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we’ll explore expert tips from Modern Stone in Houston on how to keep your natural stone safe and looking its best.


Sealing Stone for Protection

One of the first steps in safeguarding your natural stone surfaces is to apply a high-quality sealer. Different types of natural stone, such as marble, granite, limestone, and travertine, have varying levels of porosity, which can make them susceptible to staining and moisture absorption. A good sealer acts as a barrier, preventing liquids and stains from penetrating the stone. Modern Stone recommends consulting with professionals to determine the appropriate type of sealer for your specific stone and its location (indoor or outdoor).


Regular Stone Cleaning Routine

Establishing a regular cleaning routine is crucial for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your natural stone surfaces. However, it’s essential to use the right cleaning products and techniques to avoid damaging the stone. Harsh chemicals, acidic cleaners, or abrasive scrubbing pads can dull the surface and lead to etching. Instead, opt for pH-neutral stone cleaners and soft microfiber cloths. Gently wiping down your surfaces regularly will prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and debris that can erode the stone’s finish over time.


Thoughtful Spill Cleanup

Accidents happen, and spills are inevitable in any household or commercial setting. To prevent stains from setting into your natural stone, address spills promptly. Blot the spill gently with a clean, absorbent cloth instead of wiping, which can spread the spill. Avoid rubbing, as it can abrade the surface. If the spill has left a stain, Modern Stone suggests seeking professional assistance, as removing deep stains requires specialized techniques.


Use Coasters 

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your natural stone surfaces. Using coasters under glasses and trivets under hot pots and pans will help prevent direct contact between the stone and potentially damaging substances. Heat can cause thermal shock, leading to cracks or weakening the sealers, while acidic beverages like citrus juices and wine can etch the stone’s surface.


Invest in Effective Mats and Rugs

Placing mats or rugs at entrances, particularly in high-traffic areas, can help reduce the amount of dirt, grit, and moisture that gets tracked onto your natural stone floors. These particles can act like abrasives, wearing down the stone’s finish over time. A combination of indoor and outdoor mats will provide optimal protection against tracked-in debris.


Regular Professional Maintenance

While there are many steps you can take to care for your natural stone, it’s also essential to invest in professional maintenance. Periodic resealing, honing, and polishing by experts can revive the luster of your stone and keep it looking as good as new. Modern Stone recommends establishing a maintenance schedule based on the type of stone, location, and amount of traffic the surface receives.


Avoid Sharp or Heavy Impact

Natural stone is durable, but it’s not impervious to damage. To keep your surfaces safe, avoid dropping heavy objects directly onto the stone, as this can lead to chipping or cracking. Similarly, dragging sharp objects across the surface can scratch and mar its beauty. Using cutting boards in kitchens and felt pads on furniture legs can prevent these types of damage.


Natural stone is an investment that adds timeless elegance and value to your space. By following these expert tips from Modern Stone in Houston, you can ensure your natural stone surfaces remain safe, beautiful, and functional for years to come. From proper sealing and regular cleaning to preventive measures and professional maintenance, these practices will help you enjoy the stunning allure of your natural stone while preserving its integrity. Remember, a little care goes a long way in keeping your natural stone looking its best.


Safe Natural Stone Floor Cleaner

An integral component of our offerings is the Modern Stone Care Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner – a marvel of neutral (pH 7) marble-safe formulation designed for regular maintenance of all hard surfaces not susceptible to water harm. Its original purpose was to safeguard calcite-based stones, such as marble, limestone, and travertine, from the corrosive effects of chemical etching. The no-rinse, streak-free attributes of this cleaner render it ideal for a broad spectrum of hard surfaces, as it leaves behind neither a dulling film nor residue. By harnessing the potency of special organic salts, this formula acts as a natural moisturizer, preventing the dreaded ‘drying out’ of natural stone. Furthermore, its incorporation of optical brighteners enhances the surface’s overall appearance, accentuating its innate brilliance.


Should any queries or concerns arise about the application of this cleaning product, our attentive customer service representatives are at your disposal. They are more than willing to provide insight into the ingredients and instructions pertinent to the use of this natural stone-safe cleaner.


Natural Stone Cleaning in Houston TX

The realm of natural stone care finds its epitome in Modern Stone Care, where our highly knowledgeable technicians specialize in the meticulous restoration, cleaning, polishing, and sealing of all-natural stone surfaces. This comprehensive domain spans diverse areas, including but not limited to flooring, countertops, and even outdoor pool coping. Our unwavering commitment revolves around the preservation of your natural stone’s allure, ensuring it continues to exude the resplendence of its origins. Entrust the delicate art of natural stone care to the adept professionals at Modern Stone Care, who stand poised to offer the pinnacle of stone care services in Houston and its surrounding areas.


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