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Marble Floor

Marble Floor Restoration in Houston

Marble floors have been around for centuries.  Some of the most elaborate installations are found in Castles of European countries to residential mansions across the United States.  The allure of marble has been consistent in the number of new installations across the country.  You find installations in commercial buildings as well as residences.  Some of the most popular installations is entry areas, fireplace surrounds, countertops and vanities.  Some families prefer marble as a flooring alternative for the entire home.  With the demand for marble comes  the need to understand maintenance and restoration. To keep it shining, it needs care, polishing restoring and repairing. Maintenance and restoration of Marble floor requires certain techniques to keep from staining, scratching and other damages. It’s best to call on a professional for marble floor restoration.  This ensures a beautiful marble floor for a lifetime.  


Marble Cleaning Houston 

Marble has become on of the top choices of flooring in residential communities.  With the proper care, marble floors can last a lifetime.  However overtime and without regular cleaning, marble will lose it beautiful polished finished that was first installed.  To solve this issue you need to choose a marble cleaning service that is known for this specialty.  Marble is a soft stone and requires special cleaning products and techniques to not damage it.  Usually a professional will know what’s best.  Generally, you are guaranteed a beautiful floor after the job with a qualified Marble Cleaner in Houston.  Look for a company who will move all the furninsishings covering the area for cleaning.  Most marble cleaning services have a standard procedure that usually includes the following:   

  • Protect All Walls & Built-In Furniture 
  • Cover & Tape Areas Preventing Over-Spray 
  • Repair Holes in Floor 
  • Hand Detailing 
  • Complete Cleanup 
  • One day service (in most cases) 


Best Marble floor Restoration and Cleaning Service Houston 

For the best marble restoration and Cleaning contact Modern Stone Company.  With years of service, Modern stone has served Houston satisfied Houston customers for years.  Each client’s job is most important to Moderns stone. They take each job is handled pride and careContact Modern Stone for your marble floor restoration and cleaning needs today. 



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