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Can You Make Your Marble Counters Matte

Can You Make Your Marble Counters Matte?

With matted marble countertops growing more and more popular, many home and business owners with shiny, polished marble countertops are wondering, is it possible to make their marble counters matter also? Luckily, the matted marble you see in magazines and home decorating shows is just a finish. Just like the shiny polish finish you have on your marble counters, the matted effect is just done by servicing the top layer of your marble counters. This matted finish is actually known as what is called a, “honed finish.” A honed finish takes your gorgeous natural stone and instead of leaving it with a shiny and reflective finish, makes it matte and velvety. This finish brings a new dramatic interest to a room because it beautifully displays the natural stone, while also showing it in a new, less common, way.   Natural honed counters are rapidly increasing in popularity, making their way into more homes across the world. While this is a more popular look for natural stone countertops, you can also have your natural stone flooring honed to create this gorgeous matte finish. Many people wonder if it is as sustainable as a typical polish, the answer is yes! It is just as easy to sustain and preserve as a polish finish. The main difference between the two is that your polished marble may lose its luster sooner than your honed marble.   What Surfaces Can Be Honed? Whether you have natural stone for outdoor flooring, interior flooring, countertops, vanities, or the interior of your showers, the professionals at Modern Stone Care are here to help you achieve the finish you desire while keeping your stone completely protected. We work with our clients to help them come up with long term care plans for their natural stone surfaces in order to protect their investment and keep their natural stone surfaces looking great for decades.   These days natural stone, such as marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone, have become the most popular options for countertops. For a long time these stones, when selected, were polished and sealed, giving a beautiful and sleek appearance that reflected light and made your space look sparkly and refined. There is a new option though, that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of design. This is a, “honed finish,” on your countertops. A honed finish takes your gorgeous natural stone and instead of leaving it […]

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Can I Restore Flooded Travertine Floors

Can I Restore Flooded Travertine Floors?

In Houston, we live in a subtropical climate that sometimes includes heavy rain, flooding, and in some previous years, even hurricanes. Whenever your home is exposed to extreme moisture, the damages can leave it forever changed. This leaves many home and business owners wondering if they must gut their homes, businesses, and landscapes in order to rebuild, or if they should attempt to restore their original properties. At Modern Stone Care, we specialize in the maintenance and care of natural stone flooring and surfaces. We understand the in’s and out’s of natural stone materials, this includes their vulnerabilities and sensitivities. If you have natural stone, or travertine in your space that is in need of maintenance or restoration, our team can help. We have years of experience providing the best care and services to travertine. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can restore your travertine floors.    Natural Stone Experts At Modern Stone Care in Cypress, TX we understand how devastating standing water can be for your natural stone flooring. Redoing your entire space is not only expensive but also can be stressful. After going through something as devastating as a flood, you deserve to work with trusted craftsmen you can trust, to help you restore your space and get back on track without extra costs. After bad storms or flooding, you may notice an influx of contractors in your area trying to take on reconstruction and restoration job they are not qualified for in order to profit off of an unfortunate event. However, when it comes to natural stone, it is important to work with experienced professionals who know how to work around the delicate nature of natural stone. Many of the under qualified companies and individuals coming in will offer pressure washing services for your damaged natural stone. However, this can actually cause worse damage to your travertine and natural stone surfaces.   Luckily for those living in Cypress, TX there is good news! While travertine and other natural stones are porous in and sensitive to harsh chemicals and acidic substances they’re actually more resilient to flooding than most people might think! Instead of having to replace your Travertine floors there is a good chance they can be restored with the help of Natural Stone experts. We have been restoring and servicing natural stone surfaces for years throughout the Greater

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