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What is the Difference Between Honed and Polished Stone?

The main difference between honed and polished stone lies in their appearance and surface texture. Here’s a breakdown of each: Honed Stone: Honed stone has a matte or satin-like finish. It is achieved by grinding the surface of the stone to a smooth, flat, and consistent level. This process removes the glossy sheen and creates a more subdued, velvety appearance. Honed stone typically has a soft and smooth texture, but it may vary depending on the type of stone. The color of honed stone is often slightly lighter compared to its polished counterpart. It is known for its natural and understated look, which can complement various design styles. Polished Stone: Polished stone, on the other hand, has a glossy, reflective finish. This finish is achieved by grinding the stone’s surface with progressively finer abrasives until it becomes highly smooth and shiny. Polishing enhances the natural color and pattern of the stone, creating a vibrant and lustrous appearance. The surface of polished stone is reflective and can act as a mirror. It offers a sleek and sophisticated look, often associated with a more formal or luxurious aesthetic. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Finish: Appearance: Honed stone has a matte, velvety appearance, while polished stone has a glossy, reflective appearance. Look at photos of the two different finishes to determine which fits your desired aesthetic. Texture: Honed stone has a soft and smooth texture, while polished stone has a smooth, glass-like texture. Most stone surfaces you have seen have likely been polished as honed is a newer style that has been rising in popularity. Light Reflection: Honed stone reflects less light compared to polished stone, which has a high degree of light reflection. Maintenance: Polished stone tends to be more susceptible to showing scratches, fingerprints, and etching marks compared to honed stone. Honed stone is generally more forgiving in terms of hiding wear and tear. Slip Resistance: Honed stone provides better slip resistance than polished stone due to its matte finish. Polished stone surfaces may be more slippery, especially when wet. Choosing between honed and polished stone is a matter of personal preference and the desired aesthetic for your space. Consider factors such as the style of the room, the level of maintenance you are willing to undertake, and the intended use of the stone when making your decision. Are you looking for stone cleaning experts to help you prolong the […]

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Countertop Polishing in Katy TX

There are countless applications for natural stone in residential and commercial spaces. One of the most popular uses for this material is creating durable countertops that add beauty and interest to a space. Smooth natural stone, when properly cared for, can last for several generations. Most stone does not have a natural glossy finish. This is achieved with special grinding and polishing techniques to buff out the dull surface. Our team specializes in adding shine to a variety of stone surfaces with minimal fuss and upkeep, to leave it looking gorgeous for long periods of time. When you stay on top of your regular maintenance, you will be left with a gorgeous surface that is sure to attract the eye and interest of many people. Natural-stone blocks are extracted from quarries, once they are selected they will go through a masonry process that involves cutting, forming, and finishing the surface before it is ever brought into your home or business. Your natural stone tiles and slabs can be finished in many ways. If you prefer a refined, shiny natural stone floor to a raw and rustic one, polished stone is an excellent choice. The good news is, if you get tired of the high shine, you always have the option to change the finish on your stone in the future. Natural stone materials, such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, and travertine are known for their hard surfaces, long lifespans, and easy-to-maintain surfaces. Why Choose Modern Stone Care? Our natural stone technicians specialize in natural stone maintenance and care. Be careful working with companies that may claim they are able to clean all types of flooring but if you have Natural Stone floors it is important to do your research and find a company, such as Modern Stone Care, that specializes in natural stone flooring. This is because natural stone flooring comes with many sensitivities and vulnerabilities that make it easily damaged. Often times other companies come in and treat these natural stone floors the exact same way that they would handle other floors with no attention to the stone’s particular needs. When you want to protect your natural stone and avoid causing damage to your surfaces, our team can help. We provide a wide range of high-quality natural stone services in Houston. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you preserve

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Who Polishes Natural Stone Floors in Houston_

Who Polishes Natural Stone Floors in Houston?

Why Do I Need To Polish My Natural Stone Surfaces? Polishing your natural stone surfaces can leave you with a gorgeous, high-shine, surface that looks beautiful. Did you know that there are other benefits to polishing your natural stone surfaces outside of enhancing the physical appearance? The reflective shine is great but the additional benefits of polishing your natural stone surfaces include:   -Strengthening the protective seal, allowing for potentially problematic liquids such as wine and orange juice to bead on the surface for quicker and easier cleanup. If you fail to stay on top of polishing or sealing your natural stone, the surface will absorb liquids, leading to stains, etches, and costly repair and replacement.   -Provides ongoing protection against water spots and fingerprints.   -Stopping soap scum build-up on shower walls and tub surrounds.     While polishing and sealing your natural stone plays an important role in protecting it from damages, it is also important to stay on top of daily maintenance for your natural stone surfaces. When your natural stone is vulnerable, even the smallest build-up or left behind particles of food, dirt, or liquid can cause serious damage. It is important that you only clean your natural stone surfaces with specific cleaning products that are safe for the vulnerabilities of your natural stone surface. At Modern Stone Care in Houston, we make our own formula of stone cleaner to help get the best clean without damaging your natural stone surfaces.    Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner: Modern Stone Care Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner is a neutral (ph 7) marble safe floor cleaner which is to be used for regular maintenance on any hard surface not harmed by water. It was originally made to protect calcite-based stones, such as marble, limestone, & travertine, which are alkaline in nature due to the mineral content, from chemical etching. It’s no-rinse, streak-free properties make this cleaner ideal for any hard surface, as it does not leave a dulling film or residue. Special organic slats in its formula act as “moisturizers” thus preventing natural stone from “drying out.” It also contains optical brighteners to enhance the finish of the surface on which it is used.   Sealing Your Natural Stone Before Polishing Another vital step before polishing your natural stone surfaces is making sure your stone is sealed properly. Regularly sealing granite countertops and all other natural stone surfaces

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Can I Change The Finish On My Natural Stone?

Can I Change The Finish On My Natural Stone?

It happens all of the time, homeowners invest into beautiful natural stone materials for their countertops and floors, and then a few years down the road decide they want to modify the appearance to something new. Luckily, just because you want to change the finish on your natural stone, to revamp its appearance and change the look of your space, does not mean you have to spend all of the money to have your stone removed and replaced! In fact, at Modern Stone Care in Houston, we make it simple for homeowners to modify the finish on their natural stone surfaces, in order to be left with a product that suits their personal style. The surface of your stone, whether, honed or polished, is easily customizable to your preference. Our skilled natural stone experts are able to quickly resurface your stone, leaving you with the flawless finish of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about the process of updating your natural stone.     Listed below are some of the most common questions people have when it comes to refinishing their natural stone surfaces:   What is the process to change a polished stone to a honed stone? Whenever you decide you no longer want a shiny polished stone finish for your countertops or floors, our team can help you get the matte finish you desire. This is done by using a small machine that is similar to the one that is used to polish natural stone, however, this machine does not use thick bristles that polish. Instead, this machine will use coarse padding that moves over the stone slowly in order to grind off the polished base that leaves you with the shiny finish.    How long does it usually take to make a polished slab honed? The surface area of your natural stone will greatly impact the amount of time required in order to change the finish of your surfaces. Additionally, the ease of access to the stone will impact the amount of time to complete a honing project. In most cases, a kitchen can be completed within 5-6 hours.    Does honing the natural stone make my surfaces more vulnerable to damage? When natural stone is polished, it will create a protective layer which helps to shield the material from staining and etching. Removing the polished finish will open your natural stone up, exposing more of

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Floor Polishing in The Woodlands TX

Floor Polishing in The Woodlands TX

Modern Stone Care has been providing the highest quality of floor maintenance and care to The Woodlands for several years. We specialize in natural stone flooring and tile and grout cleaning services. We offer floor cleaning, polishing, honing, sealing, and restorative services to our clients who want affordable quality. While we are open to servicing several different types of stones, flooring, counters, and in shower installations, we have a focus on Limestone, Granite, Travertine, Marble, and Slate materials. If you are in need of having your stone or tile and grout flooring services, contact us today!   Having your natural stone floors polished is a necessity when it comes to getting them to sparkle and shine the way that natural stone flooring doee. A strong and consistent polish will keep your natural floors looking great. If your stone floors are beginning to look dull, or do not have a reflective sheen that catches the light, they are in need of a good polishing.   How often you need to polish you natural stone flooring, depends on the traffic you have on your natural stone flooring. If you have natural stone flooring in a lobby where lots of people enter and exit, your floors will need to be polished much more frequently than say a marble floor in a three person household. Just as, a household with pets or children will most likely have more traffic and dirt tracked in, than an adult only household without pets.   On average you will need to have your natural stone floors polished bi-annually to once a year. If you have gone longer than this, give us a call and we can set up an appointment to restore the gorgeous sheen your floors once had. We will be more than happy to explain all of the services we offer and answer any questions you may have.   The Woodlands TX Floor Maintenance Modern Stone Care proudly serves The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to, Atascocita, Bellaire, Clear Lake, Cypress, Friendswood, Houston Heights, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kemah, League City, Kingwood, Memorial, Missouri City, Montgomery County, Spring, Spring Branch, Stafford, Sugar Land, Tomball and The Woodlands.       Modern Stone Care   970 Bunker Hill Rd   Houston, TX 77024   (832) 814–2041   https://restoreyourfloors.net

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How Long Do Polished Floors Last in Houston

How Long Do Polished Floors Last Houston

Polishing your natural stone floors can be a time-consuming process that many people want to do only when their floors absolutely need it. This makes many people wonder, how long does a natural stone flooring polish last? The answer, of course, is never as simple as the question, and in this case, that is no different. The average estimate is that your polished floors will stay looking fresh for around one year after they are polished. This, of course, is just an estimate, there are many different variables that apply in these situations. Below is a list of helpful tips on how you can minimize your impact on your polished floors to keep them looking freshly polished for as long as possible:   Maintenance: The frequency in which you clean your natural stone floors will directly correlate to how long your polish will last. If you were to clean your floors once daily, the polish will last much longer than someone who only cleans their floors once a week. This is because dirt and sand are damaging to the reflective shine you get from polished floors because they act like sandpaper, exfoliating the shine away.   Cleaning Products: Natural stone flooring has many vulnerabilities and it is important to use a product that is not abrasive to your stone. This is why we recommend using our in-house formula of natural stone cleaning products, which you can find right here. Do not let your natural stone suffer damage, instead get the most out of your polishing and seal with the help of Modern Stone Care today!   Method of Cleaning: Using specialized natural stone cleaning equipment such as microfiber mops and soft scrubbers goes a long way when it comes to getting the most out of the polish on your natural stone flooring.   Traffic: How much foot traffic you have on your natural stone floors will have an affect on the lifespan of your polish. If you have children or pets that run, or track in dirt and other grime your polish will not have as long as a lifespan and will need to be polished sooner than those who do not.   Natural Stone Sealing in Houston Modern Stone Care proudly serves The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to, Atascocita, Bellaire, Clear Lake, Cypress, Friendswood, Houston Heights, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kemah, League City, Kingwood, Memorial, Missouri City,

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