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Travertine Floor Cleaning Houston Experts

Travertine flooring has become an increasingly more popular material choice for residential and commercial spaces. This is because travertine is a beautiful natural stone that offers a wide range of diverse appearances and uses. From outdoor to indoor spaces, property owners are turning more and more to travertine flooring for their spaces.


One issue that has come along with this quick rise in Travertine flooring, is a lack of knowledge on how to properly clean and care for this stone. While it can be durable and last you for several decades, when properly cared for- it also comes with its own set of unique vulnerabilities that can be problematic for those who are unaware of them.


Something to consider when analyzing the maintenance needed for travertine, is that travertine is an extremely porous stone. While this makes it more lightweight and breathable, it also causes the travertine to act much like a sponge. Each porous hole acts as a pathway, leading deep into the stone. Now imagine dirt, moisture, other various spills and materials, being pushed into your travertine flooring. Instead of just collecting on the surface of the stone, they will penetrate the stone and become trapped past the surface. This can lead to moisture damage, discoloration, and an overall weakening of the travertine.


Many flooring companies will offer travertine floor cleaning services, but this does not guarantee that they are familiar with the unique qualities of the stone. At Modern Stone Care, we are the travertine floor cleaning Houston experts. We have dedicated ourselves to knowing everything there is to know, when it comes to proper natural stone care. We believe in preserving the beauty of natural stone surfaces, while protecting your investment.


Natural stone flooring has the ability to outlast nearly all other materials when properly cared for. We help you find solutions for your flooring, regardless of its current condition. From cleaning to restoration, the travertine floor cleaning Houston experts at Modern Stone Care, are here to make your surfaces look as good as new.


If you are unsure of the condition of your travertine floors, or know you are in need of cleaning, polishing, sealing, or restoration services, contact Modern Stone Care today. We will help bring the best out of your natural stone services. Our speciality stone services include marble, granite, slate, travertine, limestone, and more. We also work with stone surfaces such as counters, showers, and walls. If you have a natural stone service that needs some TLC, contact Modern Stone Care, the travertine floor cleaning Houston experts. Our staff will gladly answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your natural stone surfaces!


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