Water Damaged Natural Stone Houston

Water Damaged Natural Stone Houston

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August but left standing water in many areas through the beginning of September. In the wake of all of this tragic flooding, it left many home and business owners with damaged property. If you are one of these owners, who is faced with having to rebuild, you may find yourself shuffling through the destruction asking, “Can this be restored or do I need to replace it?” 


We understand that this is a trying time and that the cost of replacing everything in your home or business will be expensive. We also understand that this is a time you need to be able to work with trusted craftsmen, like us, who care about getting your life back to where it was before the storm. 


Can natural stone be salvaged and restored after a flood? Is it resilient enough to stand against the penetrating flood waters? The answer is, yes. Obviously, we must take into account the condition of the stone prior to the storm. Was it already damaged? Was it regularly cleaned and maintained? These are major factors in determining if your stone can be restored.  


Natural Stone, while porous in nature and sensitive to harsh chemicals and acidic substances is actually fairly resilient when it comes to taking in water. Natural stones like Travertine, Limestone and Marble are calcium based bonded stones. Standing water on top of the stone causes erosion which eats away at the integrity of the stone. The only way to combat this process is with specialty products designed to strengthen the calcium bond.  


Many contractors and floor companies may want to use a pressure washer to “restore,” your floors. These are not Natural Stone experts and you should use extreme caution when dealing with them. Do your research and you’ll find that heavy pressure on a Natural Stone after damage is only going to weaken the already vulnerable material.


Here at Modern Stone Care we care about Houston and want nothing more than to help you smoothly transition back into normalcy. We proudly serve The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to, AtascocitaBellaire, Clear LakeCypress, FriendswoodHouston HeightsHoustonHumbleKatyKemah, League CityKingwoodMemorialMissouri City, Montgomery CountySpringSpring Branch, Stafford, Sugar Land, Tomball and The Woodlands. 



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