Natural Stone Shower Services in Kemah TX

Natural Stone Shower Services in Kemah TX

While we all might be living in a modern world, full of new technologies, there is no doubt that natural stone has maintained its timeless beauty and versatility. Many homeowners are making the choice to use natural stone materials in space for flooring, countertops, and the interior of their showers. This is largely due to the beauty and durability that comes with working with these amazing materials. While there are many different types of natural stone, the most popular ones we see in homes tend to be slate, granite, marble, limestone, and travertine. A common denominator among all of these stones is that they all share highly porous surfaces. This means, these stones are covered in tiny little holes leading deep within the stone. While this is useful in transporting and manipulating the natural stone materials, it also leaves it vulnerable to outside influences. This can be especially concerning in natural stone applications in bathrooms, especially in showers.


Protect Your Natural Stone

The reason natural stone is especially vulnerable to damage when used in the interior of showers is because it will be exposed to a frequent stream of water, soaps, detergents, cleaners, and other products. Your best chance at protecting and maintaining the appearance of your natural stone shower interior is by keeping a strong seal on the stone. This sealant will be a clear layer that is professionally applied to the surface of your natural stone. It will act as an invisible barrier between the stone and the moisture, soaps, and cleaners. You will want to ensure this natural stone barrier is kept strong by having regular maintenance performed to your stone surfaces. When exposed to heavy humidity, the natural stone’s seal will not last as long as it would in drier environments. Protect your investment and keep your natural stone shower looking beautiful with the help of Modern Stone Care today. It is our goal to help homeowners keep their space looking great, while also protecting the natural stone surfaces in their home.


In addition to having routine professional maintenance performed to your natural stone, you will want to clean your shower once a week. Not all shower cleaners will be safe when used with natural stone, so make sure you are reading labels and not working with anything acidic or corrosive. At Modern Stone Care, we offer our customers Pure Stone Streakless Countertop & Shower Cleaner. This cleaner will help you to remove and avoid the build-up of grime, water deposits, mildew, and soap scum- that can damage your stone surfaces, leaving them unsightly. Contact us today to learn more about the natural stone services we offer and how we can help you protect your natural stone surfaces.


Kemah TX Natural Stone Cleaners

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