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Is The Seal on My Natural Stone Still Good?

Sealing your granite and natural stone surfaces plays a vital role in protecting your natural stone surfaces and preserving them for as long as possible. But, how do you know if the sealant on your natural stone is still effectively protecting it from moisture and other potentially harmful materials. Luckily, there is a simple test you can do in order to check the effectiveness of your natural stone sealant.


According to the Medium:


The Granite Seal Water Test

Granite is a naturally porous and absorbent stone. It is sealed once after being cut and finished and once again after fabrication by the installer. The purpose of sealing granite is to lower its absorbent properties so it is not stained or damaged by water, oil, grease, and other substances. To test the seal of your stone counters, all you need to do is pour some water on the surface in various spots. Small puddles of about 3 inches in diameter will do. If the water starts being absorbed in less than 30 minutes, the stone surface will turn dark and you will need to clean, then reseal the stone. Make sure the water spot has evaporated before sealing.


Interpreting Water Test Results

If the water is still puddled after 30 minutes, or if it evaporates without staining, the seal is in good condition and you do not need to seal your stone. However, it’s still fine to go ahead and seal the stone if you wish, as it’s not possible to over-seal stone. When a stain appears in less than 30 minutes, you need to apply a new seal.


Testing Other Stones

If your counters are made of limestone, marble, or another type of stone, you can perform this same test to check the quality of the seal. Make sure to use only water. Under no circumstances should you use common household cleaners to test or wipe down natural stone since they could strip the seal, dull the professional finish, and lead to stains and etches.


Cleaning and Sealing

Just because your natural stone counters are properly sealed at first does not mean they will not eventually absorb liquids and develop stains. Frequent cleaning with products specifically made for natural stone is essential, and you should also wipe up liquid spills as soon as you can. When you regularly use a stone-safe sealant or your counters, you have time to clean up spills because the liquid is forced to bead on the surface. If you let the liquid sit, it will start breaking down the seal.


How frequently should I seal my natural stone surfaces?

Most natural stone professionals suggest sealing your surfaces on an annual basis unless the surfaces are experiencing extensive wear and tear. For example, if you cook every day in your kitchen and then proceed to clean the countertops each day, you may need to reseal the natural stone surfaces seasonally or biannually to protect it from future damage. If your natural stone countertops or natural stone surfaces are in need of some care contact the professional stone experts of Houston at Modern Stone Care. Our team can help you to determine how often you need to seal your natural stone surfaces and keep them looking great for decades to come.


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