Natural Stone Restoration in League City TX

Natural Stone Restoration in League City TX

Natural stone is a material that is particularly porous, meaning the surface of natural stone materials is full of tiny holes that absorb liquids easily. While natural stone is an extremely resilient material that has the potential to last a lifetime when properly cared for, unfortunately it does have a sensitivity to even some of the most gentle liquids. In order to avoid damages to your natural stone surfaces, such as staining, etching, cloudiness, or even just an overall dull appearance- you will want to schedule professional, routine maintenance. At Modern Stone Care, we help the residents of League City and surrounding communities enhance the appearance of their natural stone surfaces and protect them from damage.


If you are a home or business owner with damaged natural stone surfaces in your space, the professionals at Modern Stone Care can help you take back the beauty of your stone. We understand the vulnerabilities and needs of natural stone surfaces and work carefully with these materials to help reverse the effects of damage and restore your natural stone back to its original condition. While not all damages to natural stone surfaces can be reversed, most can at least be improved. If you are unsure about the condition of your natural stone surfaces contact Modern Stone Care to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help restore you natural stone surfaces with our specialized products and cleaners.


Avoiding Acidic Substances on Natural Stone

For many of us, we do not think about the acidic content in the food we eat, beverages we drink, or cleaners we utilize in our spaces. However, if you have natural stone surfaces in your home, being mindful of these things can help you to avoid damages to your space. While some spills cannot be avoided, it is important to quickly clean anything you spill that has high acidic properties, such as wine, orange juice, tomato sauce, and more. More importantly, actively avoiding surface cleaners with acidic components on your natural stone surfaces prevents the most damage.


While some natural stone materials are more resistant than others, they all have the potential to be damaged and should be handled carefully. Whenever you expose natural stone to acidic substances etching on the surface can occur. Whenever you damage your stone with acidic cleaners, you will most likely see dull etched spots on the surface. However, if you coat the stone in this acidic cleaner, the entire surface may be etched and cloudy. If you leave the acidic cleaner on the surface too long you may break the surface and see indentations, also known as erosion. If you have experienced any damage to your natural stone surface, contact the professionals at Modern Stone Care today to learn more about how we can restore your stone!


Repair Your Natural Stone Today!

Leave a job this important to the professionals at Modern Stone Care. We proudly serve The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to Atascocita, Bellaire,Clear Lake, Cypress, Friendswood, Houston Heights, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kemah, League City, Kingwood, Memorial, Missouri City, Montgomery County, Spring, Spring Branch, Stafford, Sugar Land, Tomball and The Woodlands.



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