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Flood Damage Flooring Repair Houston

Flood Damage Flooring Repair Houston

Flood Damage Granite Houston

Natural stone while sensitive to harsh chemicals and acidic substances actually stands a fair chance at withstanding the damage brought on by standing water. There are many determining factors that must be weighed to know whether or not your stone can be restored after a flood. You must take into consideration the state of the stone prior to the water damage. Were there cracks or breaks in  the stone? Was the stone taken care of with regular cleaning and maintenance? Was your natural stone properly sealed? Call the professionals at Modern Stone to get an assessment on the condition of your natural stone and find out more about your restoration options.


Flood Damage Limestone Houston

Natural Stone, while porous in nature and sensitive to harsh chemicals and acidic substances is actually fairly resilient when it comes to taking in water. Natural stones like Travertine, Limestone and Marble are calcium based bonded stones. Standing water on top of the stone causes erosion which eats away at the integrity of the stone. The only way to combat this process is with specialty products designed to strengthen the calcium bond.

Flood Damage Marble Houston

It is very important when working with damaged natural stone to hire a professional who specializes in working with these precious materials. Lots of floor cleaning companies will tell you they are equipped to handle the job because they want your business. Hiring someone who treats all flooring the same and does not have the specific knowledge of each stone type can be a very damaging and expensive mistake.

Flood Damage Slate Houston

If your stone is already vulnerable from flood damage be weary of contractors who want to pressure wash your stone as the only form of treatment. If not done properly this can cause the stone to crack and break, leaving you with a bigger problem than you started with.


Flood Damage Travertine Houston

Modern Stone Care is an insured, certified natural stone restoration, and tile cleaning company. We began servicing the Houston area in 2009. We have been expertly trained to meet and exceed all industry standards in stone care and maintenance.


Flood Damaged Natural Stone Experts Houston


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