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Why Is My Natural Stone Cloudy

Why Is My Natural Stone Cloudy?

Natural stone flooring and countertops have become a forever growing trend in homes and businesses around the world. These gorgeous natural stone materials make excellent floors and counters because they come in a wide variety of colors and have the ability to last for decades when properly cared for. While these natural stone materials are incredibly strong and have the capacity to last you a lifetime, they also come with their own set of vulnerabilities. The last thing you want is to damage your natural stone surfaces. Unfortunately, with improper care, natural stone surfaces like limestone, marble, and granite can become damaged and lead to a cloudiness that serves as a distraction and takes away from the beauty of your natural stone floor or countertop. At Modern Stone Care, we work to help our clients restore the beauty of their natural stone and remove these cloudy spots from the surface. If you are looking to have your natural stone surfaces restored and repaired, our team of natural stone technicians can help. We have dedicated ourselves to understand the needs and vulnerabilities of your natural stone surfaces.


If you are new to owning and caring for natural stone surfaces, listed below are some of the top causes for cloudy and hazy spots on your natural stone floors and countertops:


Abrasive Cleaning Products: Whenever it comes to caring for your natural stone surfaces, it is important to avoid using any products that may be acidic or abrasive in nature. Using strong acidic or corrosive cleaning products on natural stone surfaces, especially granite and marble, has the potential to very quickly damage your natural stone. These products will eat away at the surface of your natural stone, leading to discoloration and a cloudy appearance. These cleaners should be avoided at all cost to protect your natural stone surfaces. At Modern Stone Care, we have developed our own natural stone cleaning products, to ensure your stone is safe. If the damage is just surface level, we can in many cases, grind off the top layer and polish deeper into the stone where it is not damaged. Contact us today to learn more about the natural stone cleaning services we offer.


Food and Drinks: One of the leading causes for damage to natural stone surfaces, especially countertops, is acidic food and drinks. When these materials interact with the surface of your natural stone they can lead to damage and dullness over time. This includes the cloudy effect that so commonly affects the appearance of natural stone surfaces. The best way to protect your natural stone from issues like this is having it sealed at regular intervals. The seal the natural stone technicians at Modern Stone Care use on your surfaces provides a protective clear layer to your stone, stopping liquids from penetrating deep into your stone surfaces.


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