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Damaged Stone Restoration in Houston

Damaged Stone Restoration in Houston

Dangers Of Acidic Cleaners On Natural Stone in Houston

Natural stone is typically porous, making it absorb liquids easily. This unfortunately, even with the most gentle liquids, can result in staining, etching, cloudiness, and an overall dullness that may permanently affect the appearance of your natural stone.


Below is why you should never use acidic cleaners on your natural stone flooring or countertops:


Etching and Erosion: While some natural stones are tougher than others, they all have the potential to be damaged and should be handled carefully. Whenever you expose natural stone to acidic substances etching can occur. Whenever you damage your stone with acidic cleaners, you will most likely see dull etched spots on the surface. However, if you coat the stone in this acidic cleaner, the entire surface may be etched and cloudy. If you leave the acidic cleaner on the surface too long you may break the surface and see indentations, also known as erosion.


What Makes Acidic Substances Damaging To Natural Stone?
To understand the reason acidic substances cause damage to natural stones, you must first understand that natural stone contains a large amount of calcite. Calcite is a gentle, almost chalky substance that is full of tiny holes. Acid, even weak acids, has the ability to dissolve calcite, dripping through the porous material and spreading quickly. Marble, limestone, and travertine are the most vulnerable to damage because they contain the most calcite. Granite contains less calcite but has lots of internal pits and hollowed pathways that can also trap the acidic products, causing the stone to deteriorate over time.


Several common household products contain ingredients that can damage your natural stone flooring. You may think since you have not seen immediate damage after using these products that they are safe for your flooring. This is not always the case because sometimes the damages starts slow and builds over time, leaving you with dull stone. Avoid cleaners that contain citric acids, such as lemon or orange enhanced cleaners. You also should be very careful with vinegar, wines, fruit juices, milk, tomato based sauces, or any other substance high in natural acids.


Can Natural Stone Damage Be Reversed?

While it is possible in some cases to restore your natural stone back to it’s vibrant state, it is a job for professionals. This is because the stone has undergone a chemical change through the damage, meaning the stone will require a lot of specialized attention.


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