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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Clear Lake TX

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Clear Lake TX

Modern Stone Care has years of experiencing providing floor cleaning and maintenance services. We specialize in natural stone services and tile and grout services. Tile and grout flooring can be particularly hard to keep clean, as the grout lines are deeper than the tile, causing dirt and grime to get trapped and impacted. This impacted dirt and grime will cause staining and black lines to alter the appearance of your floors. While regular at home maintenance is important to keep your tile and grout flooring looking nice, deep cleaning is required to get the deep lines as clean as possible.


What is grout?

Grout is a soft filling used to divide and hold tiles into place. Most often grout is a light color and is indented below the tiles it seperates. This makes grout vulnerable to staining because it traps grime, crumbs, dirt, moisture and more in its folds.


Grout Restoration in Clear Lake TX

Oftentimes people believe their deeply blackened grout lines cannot be cleaned to a nice bright color. At Modern Stone Care, we are experts at reversing the damage you have done to your tile and grout flooring. We can restore the deepest set in stains, improving the grout by several shades. Many times, with enough effort we are able to restore the grout lines to how they looked when the flooring was fresh. Do not give up on your grout lines, call the experts at Modern Stone! We have saved many clients from redoing their floors with our deep cleaning services.


Grout Cleaning in Clear Lake TX

Even if your grout lines are not super stained or black. It is important to have them regularly cleaned to avoid extreme staining and damage from affecting their color and making your floors unsightly. It is recommended to have your tile and grout floors cleaned one to two times a year, based on traffic and lifestyle. Homes with children and animals tend to have more traffic and therefore need more maintenance.


Grout Cleaning Experts

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