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Granite Countertop Polishing in Houston

Granite Countertop Polishing in Houston

Granite is one of the most popular materials used in homes and businesses, especially when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops. Granite is versatile and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, is stronger than marble, and can last for a lifetime when it is properly taken care of. At Modern Stone Care in Houston, we offer many different types of affordable granite care services including granite polishing, granite cleaning, granite sealing, granite restoration, and more. We work with home and business owners to help them get the longest lifespan out of their granite and other natural stone surfaces. From regular maintenance to major restoration projects, we dedicate ourselves to focusing on the small details, while also working quickly to leave you with a stunning finished product.  We have the knowledge and experience to properly care for your natural stone because we understand the vulnerabilities of these materials.


So, what exactly is granite?


According to


Granite is a light-colored igneous rock with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye. It forms from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface.


Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. This mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, gray, or white color with dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock.


Granite is the best-known igneous rock. Many people recognize granite because it is the most common igneous rock found at Earth’s surface and because granite is used to make many objects that they encounter in daily life. These include countertops, floor tiles, paving stone, curbing, stair treads, building veneer, and cemetery monuments. Granite is used all around us – especially if you live in a large modern city.


Use of the word “granite” in the dimension stone and crushed stone industries is different from how the word is used by geologists. In these industries, the name “granite” refers to an igneous rock that meets the following criteria:


1) a rock with visible grains that interlock with one another


2) a rock that is harder than marble


These “granites” are used to make crushed stone that is used for highway construction, concrete, building construction, fill, railroad ballast, and many other purposes. They are used in the dimension stone industry to make countertops, floor tiles, curbing, building veneer, monuments, paving stones, and many other products. These granites might be used with sawn, sheared, or polished surfaces.


Why is granite such a popular option in kitchens?

Granite is a material that is very commonly found in modern kitchens. This is because it is rugged, harder than marble, and durable. This versatile natural stone handles heat well (though should be protected from hot pots and pans) and is more resistant to scratching than other materials. Granite countertops take a good polish and do not etch as easily as marble, limestone, and travertine. Mercantile granites are not all petrologic granite, but they all “behave” as granite does. The granite polishing technicians in Houston at Modern Stone Care always professionally cleans granite countertops prior to sealing the stone. We also sell a tremendous countertop cleaner called “Pure Stone Countertop Cleaner” that leaves your granite countertops looking beautiful and streak-free.


Granite Surface Polishing in Houston

Our team of natural stone experts can polish your granite through a process known as diamond polishing. Diamond polishing which is running a very fine grit diamond with water until you receive the desired polish. Then finished with polishing powders, pastes, or diamond pads. These pastes and powders are very abrasive and acidic and when used correctly they can give good results. We polish using a combination of those technologies, and techniques to leave you with the perfect finish for your granite countertops and surfaces every time. 


Natural Stone Services in Houston TX

At Modern Stone Care, our team of highly knowledgeable technicians specialize in the restoration, cleaning, polishing, and sealing of all-natural stone surfaces. This includes flooring, countertops, outdoor pool coping, and more. We work hard to ensure your natural stone maintains its beautiful and vibrant appearance for as long as possible. When it comes to the care of your delicate natural stone surfaces, leave it to the professionals at Modern Stone Care. We proudly serve The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to to Atascocita, Bellaire,Clear Lake, Cypress,Friendswood, Houston Heights, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kemah, League City, Kingwood, Memorial, Missouri City,Montgomery County, Spring, Spring Branch,Stafford, Sugar Land,Tomball and The Woodlands.



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