Cloudy Granite Removal Houston

Caring for natural stone can help you to avoid cloudiness and dullness over time. The team at Modern Stone can work with you to restore your granite countertops and other surfaces so that you can get a deep clean and great finish.

Best Granite and Marble share the following reasons why you may have cloudy granite surfaces:

Improperly Dried Sealant: One of the simplest causes of a cloudy surface on granite is that the sealant has been improperly applied and allowed to dry improperly. The way to apply sealant is to put it in a 3-foot area across the granite surface and buff it into the stone until the sealant has completely dried. Trying to allow it to “soak in” leaves a cloudy film on the surface of the granite and also prevents proper sealing.

Below are some of the top reasons you’ll find yourself with cloudy granite countertops and how to avoid them.

Abrasive Cleaning Products: While granite is a sturdy stone, it still doesn’t enjoy being worked over with abrasive cleaning products. This means using steel wool or other harsh cleaning materials or using acidic or harsh chemical cleaners. These eat away at the stone and leave discolored and cloudy spots as remnants of where they have done damage. Always use soft cloths and gently cleaning products and polish on your granite countertops.

Residue From Food and Drink: It may also be that your stone is just showing the wear and tear of everyday use without proper maintenance and cleaning after the fact. Excessive spills of food or drink on the counter will become more noticeable, especially if you wait to clean them off. The products can saturate the stone and leave dark spots and stains. To avoid this, you need to clean up any spills right away to avoid them setting into the stone material.


Safe Stone Floor Cleaner

Modern Stone Care Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner is a neutral (ph 7) marble safe floor cleaner which is to be used for regular maintenance on any hard surface not harmed by water. It was originally made to protect calcite based stones, such as marble, limestone, & travertine, which are alkaline in nature due to the mineral content, from chemical etching. It’s no rinse, streak free properties make this cleaner ideal for any hard surface, as it does not leave a dulling film or residue. Special organic slats in its formula act as “moisturizers” thus preventing natural stone from “drying out.” It also contains optical brighteners to enhance the finish of the surface on which it is used.

If you have any questions or concerns about this cleaning product contact us today. Our customer service representatives will be happy to go over the ingredients and instructions when using this natural stone safe cleaner.

Natural Stone Cleaning in Houston TX

At Modern Stone Care, our team of highly knowledgeable technicians specialize in the restoration, cleaning, polishing, and sealing of all-natural stone surfaces. This includes flooring, countertops, outdoor pool coping, and more. We work hard to ensure your natural stone maintains its beautiful and vibrant appearance for as long as possible. When it comes to the care of your delicate natural stone surfaces, leave it to the professionals at Modern Stone Care. We work in Houston and surrounding areas to offer the best stone care in the city.


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