Restore or Replace Natural Stone in Sugar Land TX

Restore or Replace Natural Stone in Sugar Land TX

Marble, granite, travertine and terrazzo are the most popular of natural stones found in the foyers, kitchen, and bathrooms through out the homes in Houston and the surrounding areas.  Over time these stone surfaces may crack, lose their shine or develop mold.


Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring their damaged stone surfaces for fear of expense and the thought of the job being too time consuming and disruptive to their homes.  Quite the contrary as told by some the most experienced travertine-cleaning, repair and restoration companies in Houston. Modern Stone Care says, “When it comes to deciding whether to restore or replace your natural stone, restoring is always best.


Comparatively stone restoration costs about one- third the price of replacing tiles on a bath or kitchen countertops and showers.  Most stone restoration jobs take a day or less depending on the size of the area. In almost every case with natural stone, restoration is always the best alternative to expensive replacement.


As a part of its DNA natural stone has etching, which looks similar to spider viens.  Water, dirt and other liquid substances somehow find their way into these areas and lead to discoloration.  This is an example of where a professional stone restoration company could save you money in restoring verses replacing.  The restoration company will clean, polish and reseal your surface. Some soft stones like Carrera are easily etched because of the high shine.  Experts suggest that you take down the high shine and give your marble a honed or matte finish. The etching will be less reflective with a matte finish.  Experts suggest for the best results, use a professional stone care restoration company.


When it comes to restore or replace your natural stone in Sugar Land, TX Modern Stone Care is best stone restoration and Repair Company for the job.  Modern Stone Care is an expert at restoring your natural stone counter tops, floors, and showers. Modern Stone Care is professional, courteous and has decades of experience in cleaning, polishing, honing, repairing and sealing all imperfections in your natural stone.  Modern Stone is ready to bring their experience to your home. Call Modern Stone Today.



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