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Repairing your Stone Floor Clear Lake

Repairing your Stone Floor Clear Lake TX

No matter how badly your stone floor is marked they can generally be restored to their former glory.  The key to best the restoration is the experience and talent of the individual or company who’s doing the work.  At Modern Stone Care our technicians have years of experience repairing and restoring stone floors to an illustrious shine. The steps of repairing your floor are few.  However, he expertise of the work is critical for the best outcome.


Whether it’s a tiny floor in a small bathroom or a luxurious foyer in one of Houston’s mansions, the process for cleaning and restoring a natural stone floor is a matter of science and experience.  We recommend the professionals clean stone floors. Here are the step in which the professional get the job done.



The professional will identify the type of stone and the stains.  Because of their vast experience, your pro will readily know the stone and the stain.  This helps in determining the type of processes needed to clean the floor.



Your professional natural stone cleaner will carry out a localized test.  This is done in a small area of the floor. It helps to identify the type of cleaners or strippers to use.  Often times cleaning with certain chemicals is not enough to remove everything. Some stone floors require grinders.



The professional stone restorer will carry out the process of cleaning, stripping and grinding the entire floor.  Working in small areas of the floor. Some areas of the floor may have greater soiled than others. The professional stone restorer will treat each area for any specific conditions.  The cleaning process is usually repeated to insure complete removal of all stains.



After all of the cleaning the entire area is rinse several times and the floor is allowed to dry.  After drying your professional stone restorer will apply the most effective sealer to guard against further staining or scratches.  The best sealers fill in the cracks and scratches as if they were never there. The restorer will use the very best sealer for your floor.  Last, once the sealer is completely dried and all residue is removed, the restorer will apply a polishing agent, upon completion of polish, your brand new floor is done.


If you’re in Clear Lake needing restoration of your natural stone floor, contact the experts at Modern Stone Care.  Clear Lake residents can count on our reputable service and our ability to get the job done without disrupting your home.  Contact Modern Stone Care today.


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