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Marble Resealing in Katy TX

Marble floors and countertops bring elegance and beauty to your home.  Upon completion of the installation, most contractors seal the marble to prevent penetration from stains and protection from physical use. This typically starts etching.  Etching is caused by simple daily use of common liquids like lemon juice, wine and soda. The chemicals (yes juice, wine and soda have chemical elements) eat away at the stone and dull the surface.  Since marble is a relatively soft stone it tends to be more vulnerable to etching, especially if regular sealing is not done


Etching can be mild to severe.  It looks like a dull spot or burn mark.  These markings are generally found on kitchen countertops due to everyday common items in your kitchen that have chemical/acidic vales.  Some of the major contributors to etching are red wine and oil. If someone wastes wine on your countertop, wipe it immediately. There is a chance you can remove it before it stains or etches.  However, marble is very porous and you may not avoid the inevitable. Evern with regular home maintenance and care, etching still happens.


In maintaining your marble floors and countertops, the experts suggest preventative maintenance first. Essentially everything you do at home to maintain your marble countertop at home.  The first step in preventative maintenance in to use a cutting board for all fruits and vegetable you come in contact with. Make sure the board manufacturer points out; the board is safe for use on marble countertops.  Secord, no matter what the installer, builder or any contractor responsible for installing your marble says. Always get annual reseal.


Marble installers, manufacturers and homebuilders agree that marble should be sealed regularly.  Despite companies claiming longevity in their sealer, life happens everyday. Floors and countertops should be resealed once a year.  Homeowners can do a simple test to check if their stone needs to be resealed. Simply take a water dropper and apply a drop of water on your marble.  If it leaves a dark spot, it has soaked into the stone and it needs to be sealed.


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