Granite Countertops Cleaning and Sealing Houston

Granite Countertops Cleaning and Sealing Houston

In the last decade granite has become an increasingly more popular choice for surfaces in homes and businesses. This is especially the case when dealing with countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. The popularity of granite has grown so exponentially, not only due to its gorgeous and diverse appearance but also because it is a very dense and solid natural stone. The density of granite makes it a great addition to your home or business because it can take more wear and tear than most other natural stones. Natural stone countertops are no small expense; ensuring you are selecting a material for you countertops that is difficult to scratch, will give you peace of mind knowing you are protecting your investment for years to come.


Polished granite surfaces also have a significant surface tension making it more difficult for moisture to penetrate the stone. This is important because moisture damages to granite countertops have the ability to destroy the appearance and weaken the stone. As mentioned above, granite is most popular in kitchens and bathrooms, the two locations in a home or business that will be exposed to the highest humidity. If you natural stone, granite counters are not protected with a strong seal and polish they will become vulnerable to this moisture which can lead to costly restoration needs or even having to replace the entire surface.


This major headache can be avoided by ensuring you are keeping up with regular maintenance for your granite counters. At Modern Stone Care, we know natural stone. Unlike other countertop and flooring maintenance companies, at Modern Stone Care, we focus entirely on natural stone care. We have worked with these materials closely for many years, learning the vulnerabilities and needs of your granite. We understand that often it may seem you do not need a professional to come out and treat your granite countertops or surfaces until there is a problem. Unfortunately, this can mean waiting until your stone has completely lost its seal to contact a professional stone care company. While we will do our best to restore your stone surfaces and leave you with the healthiest version of your granite, preventive maintenance is recommended to avoid costly or time consuming restoration.


If you have moved into a new space, or have natural stone surfaces that have not been professionally cleaned or sealed in over a year, contact Modern Stone Care. We will work with you to pick the best plan of action for protecting and preserving the appearance and overall health of your natural stone surfaces. If you are unsure if your stone is need of maintenance, give us a call and we can help you to determine the condition of your stone.


Granite Care in Houston Texas

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