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Best Stone Floor Restoration in Houston TX

Homeowners across the country have overwhelmingly chosen stone floor installations for their foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms.  However, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the floor’s original beauty, many fall short of an informed plan to do so.  For the preservation and beauty of your stone floors, a good maintenance plan will keep your floors stunningly beautiful for years to come.


Maintaining Your Stone Floors Houston, TX


There is often a misconception that Stone flooring such as marble, travertine, granite, limestone, and slate are permanent materials that do not need maintenance. Liquids, dust, and dirt can scratch or etch your floors without maintenance.  In fact, homeowners should sweep and dust regularly to remove any possible abrasive matter from the stone’s surface.

Natural stone absorb substances due to its porous nature.  Synthetic tiles are man-made don’t require special attention.  However, they lack in the natural beauty and value of a stone floor.  Harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and waxes used on synthetic floors would eventually damage a natural stone floor permanently.  Using cleaning substances not made for natural stone could cause discoloration such as fading or dulling the natural luster of the stone.


Neutral cleaners are best when maintaining your natural stone floors. Many homeowners believe diluted bleach or vinegar will clean stone floors.  Actually, both will etch the floor and cause damage.  Ideally, less is more.  Diluting dish soap with water works best.  Clean the surface free of debris then wipe or mop with diluted dish soap and water.  Quickly dry the surface.  If a liquid of any kind stands too long on a natural stone floor it may etch. 


Always consult a natural stone cleaning professional before attempting to clean your stone floors.  Many companies offer free consultation and their recommendation could save your floors and money in the long run.  If you have a cleaning staff, it’s imperative they receive the proper information on cleaning and maintaining your stone floors. An untrained staff will undoubtedly use an abrasive cleaner and cause damage. Upon installation, look for a stone floor cleaner to consult for maintenance for your new stone floor. 


If you’re in Houston, Texas or surrounding areas contact Modern Stone Care for cleaning and restoring your stone floors. When it comes to restoring, cleaning, honing or polishing stone floors, Modern Stone Care has years of experience.  Houston and surrounding area customers know Modern Stone Care provides the best stone floor restoration.  Modern Stone Care’s services also include but not limited to grout cleaning, countertops, exterior stone cleaning, and concrete.  The technicians at Modern Stone Care are professional, experts at what they do and will protect your home.  If you’re in need of restoring or cleaning your stone floors, call the experts at Modern Stone Care for all of your stone care needs.



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