Best Natural Stone Restoration Cypress TX

Best Natural Stone Restoration Cypress TX

How to limit fading of your Natural Stone

Natural stone is unmatched in beauty and variety when it comes to the use of surface materials in your home.  Many homeowners will only install natural stone for floors, countertops, patios and more.  There is actually no substitute for owners who care about the virtue of materials used in their home versus synthetic tiles.  Nonetheless, there is one mitigating factor that plagues some homeowners when it comes to natural stone.  Fading is a major concern to homeowners and they want remedies and prevention methods to protect their investment.


To understand how to limit fading of your natural stone, it’s important to understand how color is formed in natural stone.   Minerals and their chemical reaction to each other create the color in natural stone.   With Marble and Limestone, veins also contribute to their color.   Some minerals have color as an innate part of coloration.  The industry term is called “inherent coloration”.  The process of coloration of stone is exactly what we learned as kids during the study of rock formation. Water and gasses are absorbed during rock formation and their reactions create the coloring of stone.  This, of course, is a simple definition of a very complex process.


Since stone is a natural property, we can best understand that it will react to other natural elements.  For example, with UV light there is a common theory that stone fades in the sun.  While profoundly true, the chemical reaction continues through a chain reaction to the chemicals in the stone.  The reaction may exist long after the event.  This could explain why stone fading exists void of UV rays.   Incandescent lighting is also a culprit to stone fading.  While they emit low UV rays, the source of fading comes from long-term use of incandescent over the stone.


Now that we’ve covered what causes fading, we can review what’s needed to reduce and prevent natural stone fading in your home. Although UV radiation is the cause of some fading, there are other human factors that cause fading.  An example is improper use of cleaning products containing bleach and other harsh chemicals.  A good prevention method is the use of penetrating sealers, which will reduce the surface absorption.  This will control fading.  Also, It’s important to seek the expertise of a natural stone cleaning and restoration company.  They will make the best recommendations for the maintenance of your natural stone.


If you’re in Cypress, Texas searching for repair, cleaning or restoration of your travertine, marble, limestone, and slate floors, countertop and patios contact Modern Stone Care.   Their technicians are trained are experts in repairing, restoring and cleaning natural stone.  Our clients believe we provide best natural stone restoration in Cypress, TX.  Contact Modern Stone Care for all of your natural stone needs.



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