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Marble Floor

Best Marble Cleaning in Clear Lake TX

No matter the challenge, stained, etched or soiled most marble floors respond brilliantly to the cleaning, sealing and polishing done by Modern Stone Care.  For hundreds of Clear Lake customers Modern Stone Care provided expert service when it comes to restoring and cleaning Marble floors and countertops. Modern Stone has earned the name Best Marble in Clear Lake.  Customers are astounded at the miraculous work in cleaning some of the most soiled and stained marble throughout Clear Lake and surrounding areas.


Over time, marble can loose it’s luster do to continual traffic, pet stains, water stains and general wear and tear.  Some marble will stain due to lack of sealing and the liquids do not repel, leaving an etched mark and/or a stain. Many homeowners attempt to clean the surface of marble on their own.  This exacerbates the issue. Most over the counter cleaners don’t provide the same result as an expert professional utilizing commercial equipment.


Modern Stone Care recommends that every homeowner at least once should contact a professional marble/stone cleaner.  This eliminates errors and possible further injury to your floor or counter top. A professional will access the stain, recommend a removal process and chances are you save thousands with cleaning, preventing the replacement of the entire floor our counter top.


Modern Stone Care resolves most issues with marble, travertine, granite, limestone and slate, leaving countertops and floors shinning like a new installation.   Customers and neighbors are amazed when Modern Stone Care completes a cleaning at homeowner’s location. Modern Stone Care arrives with all the talent and supplies needed to clean your floors and countertops without any disruption to your home.  All measures are taken to complete the job on time and restore floors, countertops and your household.


For the best marble cleaning in Clear Lake contact Modern Stone Care.  We’ll transform your marble counter tops and floors. We’ll get you ready for all the summer events in Clear Lake.  For cleaning, polishing, sealing, honing and restoration, call the experts at Modern Stone Care. Our service is thorough, guaranteed and your family, neighbors and friends will be amazed at the look of your marble.  Contact us today.


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