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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Polishing Granite Floors

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Polishing Granite Floors

Natural stone flooring is gorgeous, especially when it is well maintained and polished. Whenever it comes to granite, this is a stone that has a stronger need for a polished finish in order to bring out its natural beauty. Granite is a very versatile stone that works great in bathrooms, as counters, flooring, and more! Polishing granite floors can be quite an overwhelming task and is better left to the professionals at Modern Stone Care. If your granite flooring has not been polished in the last six months to a year, you are probably overdue for a polish!


Below are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when polishing your granite flooring:


Overpolishing Floors Can Make Them Too Slippery: Whenever you use an excess of floor polish on granite floors that have high foot traffic, such as in spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms where there may be a higher risk of slipping and falling. Granite flooring should be carefully sealed and polished to ensure it is safe to work on.


Avoid Polishing Over Weak Seals: Granite can only be polished over a strong and solid seal. If you are not sure about the last time your granite slabs or tiles were sealed, you should perform a water penetration test, which can be accomplished by pouring small amounts of water about 3 inches in diameter on various surface spots. If the water seeps through and leaves dark spots or rings within 30 minutes, the water is penetrating the granite, so it should be sealed with a stone-safe granite sealer before polishing.


Polishing Before Sealing Is Problematic: Sealing after polishing is a common mistake made by homeowners who clean, seal, and polish with spray-and-wipe solutions specially formulated for granite surfaces. The correct order is as follows: Clean, Seal, and Polish. Leaving this up to the professionals at Modern Stone Care ensures your flooring will be preserved and look beautiful.


Avoid Using Common Household Cleaners: The granite polishing process should always begin with a good deep cleaning of the surface, but homeowners should never use common household cleaners for this purpose. Most household cleaners will break down the seal and impregnate the granite through its porous surface. Vinegar is another problematic substance that should never come into contact with granite. The only cleaning substances that should be applied to granite and other natural-stone surfaces. At Modern Stone Care we have our own in-house formula that we use on natural stone flooring.


Whatever your natural stone needs are, Modern Stone Care is here for you! We offer restorative services, deep cleaning, polishing, sealing, and more! We help preserve your flooring so that it can look great for as long as possible! Contact us today to get your natural stone flooring looking fantastic by tomorrow!


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