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Slate Flooring Maintenance Care Tips

Do you have slate tile flooring in your home? These floors are resilient against normal wear and tear when you stay on top of your at-home and professional maintenance. The best thing you can do in order to preserve them is clean your slate floors regularly and to seal your slate floors at regular intervals. Listed below are slate flooring maintenance care tips to prevent staining and preserve your floors. Dust Mop the Floor Dust mop the entire floor with a high-quality, machine-washable dust mop. Start at one end of the floor and push the mop toward the other end, using the same motion for the entire floor. Do not move the mop back and forth because it will simply spread around the dirt and grit. Work in defined sections at a time, and sweep up the line of accumulated dirt and grit before moving on to the next section. Mop the Floor Damp-mop the floor with a high-quality washable mop and plain water. For occasional deep cleaning, you can also add a few drops of mild detergent, such as dish soap or fabric detergent for delicate fabrics (such as Woolite) to the wash water. Don’t allow large puddles of water to form, and don’t leave water on the surface. If you use detergent in the water, rinse the floor thoroughly with plain water. Let the floor dry completely before walking on it. Remove Stains Spot-treat stains with ordinary isopropyl rubbing alcohol and water. Mix 1/2 cup of alcohol with 1 quart of water. Dip a sponge into the solution and wipe at the stain. If necessary, scrub the stain with a towel or cloth. Alternatively, use a cleaning solution of a few drops of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a quart of water, applying it with a sponge and/or towel. Prepare to Seal the Floor Plan to seal the floor if it is unsealed or is ready for a fresh coat of sealant. If the floor has traces of an old sealant or it has been waxed, you may need to use a chemical stripper to thoroughly clean the surface. Wax can be removed with a wax stripper. Other types of sealers, such as acrylic or urethane coatings, may require strong solvent strippers, and you may want to leave this to a stone flooring or restoration professional. If you applied the original sealant (or you had a professional do it), […]

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Is Slate A Man Made Material

Is Slate A Man-Made Material?

What is Slate? According to Slate is a fine-grained, foliated metamorphic rock that is created by the alteration of shale or mudstone by low-grade regional metamorphism. It is popular for a wide variety of uses such as roofing, flooring, and flagging because of its durability and attractive appearance.   Composition of Slate Slate is composed mainly of clay minerals or micas, depending upon the degree of metamorphism to which it has been subjected. The original clay minerals in shale alter to micas with increasing levels of heat and pressure. Slate can also contain abundant quartz and small amounts of feldspar, calcite, pyrite, hematite, and other minerals.   Slate is not a man-made material, it is constructed of organic matter. Slate typically naturally occurs in grey tones, from light to dark. While slate is mostly seen in grey tones, there are also variations of slate that are more green, red, black, purple, and brown. The color of slate is revealing about the type of organic materials that are found in the rock.   How is slate used in a home? Slate is a durable rock that is suitable for use as flooring, stair treads, sidewalk slabs, and patio stone. It is also produced in a variety of colors that allow it to be incorporated into a variety of design projects.    Slate Cleaning in Houston TX Compared to many other natural stone materials, slate is relatively easy to care for. The general maintenance can be handled at home on your own, however, for a deep clean working with a professional natural stone maintenance company, like Modern Stone Care, can help protect your stone. Professional cleaning will help you to keep your slate surfaces looking great for decades. Contact us today to learn more about the natural stone services we offer and how we help protect your surfaces.    Listed below is how you can help protect your natural stone surfaces: Dust-mopping: Dust, dirt and grit are the main source of issue for the surface of your slate flooring. When left on your flooring, the material can easily become scratched and marred. Slate floors that are dust-mopped often, stay cleaner and maintain their gorgeous shine for longer periods of time. For the best results, you will want to dust mop your slate floors daily. Whenever the foot traffic is high, or the flooring is located in a commercial building, this will

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Slate Restoration in Houston

Slate Restoration in Houston

Slate flooring is a popular choice for home and business owners. This sleek-looking and affordable material makes an excellent addition to any space and will require very little upkeep in order to keep looking great for decades. Slate is often confused with manmade materials, such as concrete, however, slate is a natural stone. It comes from a fine-grained, homogeneous metamorphic rock and has become a popular floor and surface material over the last two decades. These slabs of slate are taken from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. Slate is known for being the finest grained foliated metamorphic rock in existence.   Slate is a versatile material that can easily be used as flooring, countertops, backsplashes, stepping stones, roofing, and even as the interior for showers. The increase in popularity of slate as an indoor material in residential and commercial spaces is largely due to its durability, wide range of colors, and easy maintenance. Slate comes in a variety of different colors and shades, most often it is found in black and gray tones. The most frequent way we see slate used is broken down from slab into tiles, often exceeding a foot in length and width. It is believed that slate is the most commonly used natural stone in the world.   Like most other natural stone materials, slate surfaces will need a strong seal in order to protect it from water and other substances that may lead to staining and scratching. The stone seal should be applied on an annual basis because it will wear down over time leaving your slate vulnerable. If you have slate floors in an area with heavy traffic, you may need to seal your slate floors more often than once a year to protect them from becoming damaged.   If your slate flooring becomes stained or damaged, the slate restoration experts of Houston at Modern Stone Care can help you. We specialize in restoring natural stone floors and surfaces in order to bring them back to their original beauty. The best way to avoid damaging your slate floors and surfaces is to stay on top of annual floor maintenance. Schedule your slate cleaning and slate sealing service with Modern Stone Care in Houston today.   Slate Flooring Maintenance in Houston   At Modern Stone Care, our team of highly knowledgeable technicians specialize in the

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Slate Floor

Slate Stone Polishing Houston

Is Slate Stone? In the last twenty years, we have seen an increasing popularity in the use of slate in homes and businesses. This sleek looking material makes a great addition to any space and requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great. Additionally, slate is very resilient and can last for decades when taken care of. When it comes to examining the material closer, you may find yourself asking- is this stone? Often times, slate is confused with manmade materials, such as concrete. Slate, like other natural stones, comes from a fine-grained, homogeneous metamorphic rock. These slabs of slate are derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. Slate is known for being the finest grained foliated metamorphic rock. What Is Slate Used For? There are several uses for this natural and versatile stone material. When it comes to adding a spark of interest to a space, slate is a simple way to achieve this goal.The most common way we see slate used in homes and businesses is as flooring. Slate is easy to clean and has the ability to fit into many different aesthetics. Other common ways we see slate being used is as countertops, in showers, backsplashes, and outdoor spaces. If you have slate in your home or business that has not been professionally maintained, it may be time to contact Modern Stone Care. We specialize in treating natural stone surfaces, ensuring they are clean and protected, in order to protect your investment and give you as much time as possible with your slate surfaces.   Slate Polishing Houston Whenever your slate surfaces have lost their luster, we can help! With regular maintenance, including: cleaning, polishing, sealing, and restoring. Our team of natural stone experts are here to make your natural stone surfaces look as good as new. Whether your natural slate is brand new or you are inheriting it with a new space, we can make sure it is protected from outside influences. Living in a home with pets or children can especially be hard on slate floors. We recommend regular maintenance for your slate surfaces, this will keep your investment safe and your stone floors looking great.   Do not let your natural stone surfaces go neglected! Instead, schedule an appointment with Modern Stone Care. We will get your natural stone surfaces looking great before

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Maintaining Slate Floors in Houston

Maintaining Slate Floors in Houston

Slate is a rock that is formed through pressed mud. This makes the stone tough, durable and easy to split into layers, which makes it easy to turn into tiles. Slate can either be left in its natural- cleft state, polished, or honed. Slate is durable enough to be used as flooring, in showers, as countertops, and more. It is important to properly care for your slate to keep it in beautiful condition.   Slate Cleaning in Houston Slate is a natural stone, so like many natural stones, it can present a sensitivity to some acids and alkaline cleaners. These cleaners have the potential to etch the surface of the stone leaving it’s scarred. This is especially true for honed and polished slate flooring. It is important to sweep the slate regularly, this removes the surface dirt. To properly care for your slate, you must wash the slate with a stone cleaner regularly. Be sure to avoid acidic cleaners, such as lemon or vinegar.   Slate Sealing in Houston There are all types of slate that are used as flooring throughout Houston. Some of this slate flooring is made from slate tiles. Quartzites are stones that are sometimes used in the creation of these slate tiles. Most types of slate are porous, which make them susceptible to absorbing moisture, which means they are also vulnerable to staining as well. Since slate is vulnerable to moisture and stains, you should have your slate sealed at least once a year to prevent damage to the smooth appearance. If you are unsure if your slate floors need to be sealed, you can conduct a small experiment with water. Pour about half a cup of water onto your slate floors, wait ten to fifteen minutes and then wipe it away. If the place where the water was is darker, this means your slate’s surface is porous and unprotected. This is an indication that you need to seal your floors before more damage can affect the stone. If the slate does not change color this means the seal is still strong, for now, leaving you time left between seals.   Slate Floor Care in Houston Modern Stone Care proudly serves The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to, Atascocita, Bellaire, Clear Lake, Cypress, Friendswood, Houston Heights, Houston, Humble, Katy, Kemah, League City, Kingwood, Memorial, Missouri City, Montgomery County, Spring, Spring Branch, Stafford, Sugar Land,

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Slate Floor

Slate Floor Polishing

Slate is material that’s very popular not only for fireplace but especially for flooring. Slate floors can add an earthly feel to a room, it has natural beauty and very durable. To maintain it beauty your slate floor need to be properly cared. With regular maintenance, your slate floors can stay warm and beautiful for years to come. Your best option for keeping your slate floors clean is to contact the experts at Modern Stone Care.    Slate floors have grown in popularity over the years, the diversity was limited to just gray and pale not a lot of options to select from. Now there are hundreds to select from and in places like India there a variety of several hundreds of every imaginable colors along with textures. Slate is composed of tiny minerals such as hematite and quartz, this is what gives the shiny sparkle look to the floors. The only problem that occurs with slate floors is the polishing is different than typical use for marble and granite. Which is why the maintenance very important and is best done by professional company like Modern Stone Care.    For the polishing process, the floors need to be stripped and re-done periodically. To maintain the beautiful look of slate, this need to be done every six months. Slate is a porous material of natural stone and if it not properly polished and sealed it very likely to absorbing liquids and staining. Slate surface has pockets and natural grooves that can absorb dirt, pre-chewed food and debris. The debris can tear down the surface which will make the floors look grimy.      Modern Stone Care process for polishing slate floors:  Bristle brushing to remove dirt and debris  Vacuuming the floor surface  Mopping to remove loose particles  Rinse to clear all soap suds from mopping  Waxing and polishing for each individual tile  Reapply coating if needed to polish again                                     To find out more information about slate floor polishing and how it’s a great choice to improve your home contact the natural stone polishing specialist at Modern Stone Care.        Modern Stone Care   Address: 970 Bunker Hill Rd  Houston, TX 77024   (832) 814–2041    

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